Our improv masterclasses

In addition to our weekly courses, ImproBubble regularly invites internationally renown improvisors to Brussels in order to share their insights with both our students and the wider Belgian improv community via tailor made masterclasses.

Teaching Teachers with Shawn Kinley

23-24 March

Shawn has been teaching for more than 30 years in 52 countries. One of the most well-attended workshops is the TEACHING TEACHERS workshop he has given to teachers, improvisers, managers and group leaders. Improvisation technique is the ultimate tool for teachers and education. In an environment of multiple learning styles, varying attention spans, random inspirations that might not fit the lesson plan and a rich diversity of changing conditions, improvisation can make the act of teaching into an art and an experience that pushes the student and teachers into an easier, more fluid relationship of true education.

We’ll look at tricks, techniques and tools that will benefit the teaching process. We’ll explore practical philosophies that are sometimes missed in the classroom. We will work on practical approaches and cover some of your specific questions, interests and issues in teaching.

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Joe Bill (April 1-3)

Ella Galt & Daniel Seyfried (May 18-19)